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The BBB Community Guide features a well-designed and informative selection of editorial material.

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Welcome to the BBB Community Guide!

YOUR easy to use reference to programs offered by the Better Business Bureau serving Denver/Boulder…
AND YOUR source of Money Saving Discounts and Offers from BBB Accredited Businesses.

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About the BBB Community Guide

The BBB Community Guide is a new quarterly publication produced for the Better Business Bureau Serving Denver/Boulder. The BBB Community Guide contains valuable information for every consumer about BBB services. It also provides an excellent marketing opportunity for BBB Accredited Businesses to support their business with the BBB brand.

Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

The BBB Community Guide has been designed to be affordable for every BBB Accredited Business. Sizes range from a full page to half and quarter pages, and there are specially priced “BBB Marketplace” pages that offer very affordable listing ads for small businesses. Advertising rates offer a size that everyone can afford. Click here to see the rate card (PDF format) including ad specifications. There is a special discount for advertisers who sign up for three or more issues.

Contact: To advertise in the BBB Community Guide or for more information, please contact Brock Media at, or call Sandi at 303-443-0600, ext. 198, or Jason Zvitt at 303-443-0600 ext. 108.

Fast Facts

DISTRIBUTION: A press run of more than 83,000 copies will be distributed as follows: Minimum 57,000 copies mailed directly to select Denver Neighborhoods. 19,000 copies distributed through more than 225 retail stores and restaurants in the Denver metro area. 6,200 copies mailed to BBB members, with another 1,000 distributed to new BBB members and events. Additional copies distributed in Boulder County.

FREQUENCY: The BBB Community Guide is published four times a year, with distribution timed for the first week of February, May, July and November.

PUBLICATION SPECIFICS: The BBB Community Guide is magazine size – 8.375” wide by 10.875” tall. It is printed on glossy stock in full color.

DEADLINES: Advertising space is reserved on a first come, first served basis. Page count is limited to a maximum of 64 pages. There is a special discount for advertisers who sign up for three or more issues.

VIRTUAL EDITION: The complete edition of the BBB Community Guide is available ONLINE on this web site at and Consumers without a print version can access each of the advertisers and all of the BBB information in the online edition. PUBLISHER: The BBB Serving Denver/Boulder has partnered with Brock Media, a BBB Accredited Business, to produce the BBB Community Guide. Brock publishing has produced quality magazines, programs and directories in Colorado since l978.
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